Scroll down the page to see photos of murals that I have painted. I offer my services for interior or exterior murals, residential or commercial. If you would like information on prices you can email me or call me anytime. Click on a thumbnail below to view the image.

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Phone: (407)595-6397

"Tropical Beach Mural"- 2009 

"Tropical Beach Mural"- 8' x 12'- 2009 

Flamingo- Mural Detail 

Seagulls and Crab- Mural Detail 

"Tropical Beach Mural"- 8' x 14'- 2006 

"Cartagena with window" Mural-  

"Cartagena" View 2- 2009

"Tropical Tree Mural"- 2006 

"Tropical Tree Mural" View 2- 2006 

"Tropical Tree Mural" View 3- 2006 

"Italian Archway Mural" Side View- 2009 

"Sand & Grass Mural"- 2009 

"Sand & Grass Detail"- 2009 

"Sand & Grass Mural"- 2009 

"Sand & Grass Mural Detail"- 2009 

"Psycho Beach Party Theatre Set"- 2006 

View 2- 2006 

View 3- 2006 

"West Side Story Theatre Set"- 2006 

Jenee' Epping



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