Here are pictures of many of the paintings I have done. If you would like more information on them or prices you can email me. Click on any picture to see a larger view of it.

Phone: (407)595-6397

"You can't rush art!"-Toy Story 2

 "Old Master Self Portrait"- 2008- Oil

1st Place Winner- Cover of Valencia C.C.'s 2009 Art & Literature magazine, "The Pheonix"

"Dog Portrait"- 2009- Oil

 "Waterfall"- 2008- Colored Pencil

Buildings Abstract

 "Buildings Abstract"- 2008- Oil

King Tut

 "King Tutankamun Bust"- 2005- Watercolor (Sold)


 "Independence"- 2007- Acrylics

 "Fetish"- 2008- Acrylics

 "Untitled"- 2007- Acrylics (Sold)

 "Poppies"- 2007- Acrylics (Sold)

White Flowers

 "White Flowers"- 2007- Acrylics (Sold)

October Moon

 "October Moon"- 2008- Acrylics

Vanity Fair

 "Vanity Fair"- 2005- Acrylics

Native American Chief

 "Chief"- 2006- Pastels (Sold)

"Grandparents House" Painting- 2009- Oil 

"Grandparents House" Detail- 2009 

 "Lion Painting"- 2008- Oil (Sold)

 "Still Life"- 2009- Acrylics

 "Unfinished Boat"- 2006- Acrylics (Sold)

 "Copy"- 2008- Oil

"Windows Abstract" -2008- Oil 

Cubist Interior

" Cubist Interior: Building #3"- 2008- Oil


 "Blue Macaws"- 2006- Acrylics (Sold)

 "Untitled"- Acrylics- 2006

 "Still Life"- 2008- Oil

 "Mediteranean Scene"- 2008- Acrylics (Sold)

 "King Tutankamun Profile"- 2004- Watercolor

 "White Tree"- 2006- Acrylics

Cubism Still Life

 "Cubist Still Life"- 2008- Oil

 "Seasons of Time"- 2006- Acrylics (Sold)

 Jenee' Epping

Winter Park, FL.



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