Here are pictures of many of the portraits I have done in different mediums. If you would like information on prices you can email me. I can do portraits in pencil, watercolors, oils, clay (sculpture), or acrylics from photos. Click on any picture to see a larger view of it.

Phone: (407)595-6397

"Portrait of Woman with Guitar"- 2009- Acrylics 

Personal Myth

 "Self Portrait as Personal Myth"- 2008- Colored Pencils

"Marry Me"- 2009- 11" x 14"-  Acrylics 

"Closeup"- 2009- Acrylic 

"Closeup"- 2009- Acrylics 

"Jessie and Dylan" Custom Portrait- 2008- Pencil/ Colored Pencil

"Jessie" Closeup 

"Dylan" Closeup 

Family Portrait

 "Family Portrait"- 2006- Acrylics

Nicolas Cage

 "Nicholas Cage Portrait"- 2006- Chalk pastels

"Marilyn Monroe" -2008- Watercolors 

"Martin Luther King/ Barack Obama" Custom Portrait- 2008- Oils

 "Marilyn Monroe"- 2006- Acrylics


 "Aragon from Lord of the Rings"- 2008- Pencil Sketch


 "Sketchbook- portraits"- 2008- Pencil

 "Bill Murray Portrait"- 2006- Chalk Pastels


 "Untitled"- 2006- Chalk Pastels

Froud style

 "Self Portrait Froudian Style"- 2008- Oils

Self Portrait

"Self Portrait"- 2008- Oils

 Jenee' Epping



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